How many players can I bring?

Each team is allowed to play with 25 players. You may bring additional players to watch or help on the sideline, but they will need to purchase a ticket.

How many coaches can I bring?

Each team is allotted seven coaches' wristbands. These can be used for coaches, trainers, team parents, etc. Any additional wristbands will need to be purchased at the gate.

Is there room for fans and spectators?

Yes! This is a fan-friendly event! Bring your lawn chairs, tents, towels and sun gear to enjoy a great three days of competition.

Can we park our bus at the event?

Yes! We will have ample bus parking available.

Is food provided for teams?

Food is not provided for teams, but we build in large breaks during the day for your team to take time to go off site to eat lunch or dinner. Check out our recommended restaurant list linked above.